Is there a link that will bring users to their dashboard if the link is dynamically generated? (Memberstack –> Create Webflow Collection Item (using Memberstack member ID as slug)


We have dashboards that are automatically generated through zapier, via a webflow collection item.

When Memberstack creates a new member, it zaps the member id over to webflow to be used as a slug.

Because URLs are sort of dynamically generated, is there a link to use that will bring logged in users to their respective dashboards?

Is the the MemberStacks member ID?

Yes, but it’s based upon the answer to my first question. Answer that and I can help…

Hey @ChrisDrit! :wave:

The answer is yes—the member ID is pulled from Memberstack.

That’s perfect.

Step #1

In MemberStack, go to Power Ups (left side menu) and then select Power Ups again (sub menu item), scroll down and find “Member-specific pages” and set this up.

If, within Webflow, your users CMS collection is named “members” then add “members” in the “hide a folder or CMS collection” field. Toggle on “send members to their page on login” and set an access denied url.

Step #2

In Zapier, after your “new member” trigger, add a new step “update member in MemberStack” and add the “ID” (which is the member id that MemberStack autogenerates for you) to the “Member Page” field.


You’ve set the members page in MemberStack to the same “ID” that you’ve saved as the slug in your Webflow CMS.

MemberStack will redirect this user, on login, to “/members/<slug>” and all will work!

That may have been hard to follow, if so I have a screencast that walks through exactly this setup and it may be easier to follow. Skip to just after 5 minutes in the timeline to start with the MemberStack setup (the Zapier setup is right after it):

Drop any follow up questions you have here, and let me know how it goes!

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Thanks Chris! Super thorough response. Much appreciated :pray:

That’s exactly how we’ve got our system set up. The thing is that I’m looking to add a few buttons through out the site that allow the user to get back to their dashboard.

For example—
Head over to this page: (you’ll need to sign up, or log in)
Once there, on the top left there is a “go back” button which should bring the visitor back to their unique dashboard. Right now, that back button is just javascript to bring users back to their previous location.

Is there any way to “hardwire” that button to bring the user back directly to their dashboard and not just the last place they came from?

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@vitaliyg yes, if you’ve setup “Member-specific pages” you can add this link to your button:

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Oh, man. I can’t believe it was as easy as that. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. So obvious, but I totally missed it! Thanks Chris

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