Is there a way to send a 'confirm sign up' link to email?


I’m curious if there’s a way send a ‘confirm sign up’ link to email after someone has filled out a form to join a membership. This is something that I think I would need if I was to use Memberstack for this particular use case, which is a professional organization with NDA restrictions.

Memberstack would potentially solve our problem of controlling who can sign up based on their email domain. If we can then require them to use that domain to confirm their membership then it confirms their ownership of the email address. If we don’t have an option to make them confirm their email it would seem that people could use whatever email the please to create an account.

Is there a way to do this?


Hey Colin :wave:

We do not currently have this feature or a workaround for it. I am adding this feedback to our roadmap to show the team that this is a use case for an email confirmation feature. :smiley:

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We do have a way to only allow signups from a specific email domain. Here is an article on that! :smiley:

Hey Josh, thanks for responding. I’m trying to think of work arounds myself but I think this shuts down the solution.

I was planning to use the specific email domain feature but it would seem that not having an email confirmation would nullify its function. For instance, if I’m attempting to log into a membership site for, what constraints would prevent me from creating a made up email

It would appear that without the email confirmation during sign up, the email address itself only serves as a type of user name. And the ‘require a specific email domain’ feature would only require that they format their username a certain way, not that they actually have that email. No?

Thanks for your thoughts and attention on this.

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You are correct Colin. I wanted to tell you about it just in case. :smiley:

@cevanert :wave: I’ve come up with a solution for this that totally solves your problem:

Let me know if you have any questions!