Japanese YEN for stripe payment

  1. Please build something that lets me…
    set YEN for membership payment.

  2. This is important to me because…
    I run business in Japan.

MemberStack is getting famous in Japanese developers. so I want you think about this.


We do support the Yen but we don’t have it available in the site settings. Please send me a DM with your site info and I can switch it to use the Yen :smile:

Oh, I didn’t know that…! that’s great!

I still didn’t build the site because I thought I can’t for Yen.

I conctact when I build it!

Thank you.

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It is a situation where you can select the setting of JPY notation, but there are two more digits on payment.

Can I change to the correct currency unit?

We have recently taken off YEN from our currency list and no longer support it. This is because there have been some issues occurring with the way our platform does decimals. We do not have an ETA of when this would be fixed as well. :cry: