Job board with 2 user types

Hi ,

I am creating a job board with similar functionality to

With Memberstack and Webflow can I:

  1. Store company data in a collection in the CMS that repopulates into a job submission so someone doesn’t have to fill out the same info each time they come back to post a new job description?

  2. Have 2 user types with different functionality:

  • Type 1: Free tier + pay per job posting - Job poster who has access to all of the jobs that they have posted as well as the amount of people that have clicked through to their job link (a dashboard)

  • Type 2: Separate Free tier - Job applicant who can have access to special content and a separate dashboard

I can set up the pages and CMS inside of Webflow, I am just not sure if Memberstack can let me handle the two types of users with this specific use case.



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Hi John! Thanks for posting.

  1. Yes! You can use Zapier to send MemberStack data directly to the Webflow CMS, and then use MemberStack/Webflow/Zapier to update posts. This video starts to talk a bit about that.

  2. Type 1: yes! We’ll need to think about the best way to set this up. MemberStack can handle one-time purchases, but repeat purchases are still in the works. Do you know how you’re going to track the number of clicks? Assuming you can track it, you can get that number into MemberStack via Zapier.

Type 2: This one is easy :partying_face:

Feel free to post questions and progress as you go! I’d love to have a thread here that connects some of the dots for others.

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Great, thank you for the reply. Happy that the functionality is there. I think I can wait on tracking clicks and just track applications that have been filled out, or something. I need a way to show attribution that job hunters came from my job board to their application.

I’m now running into issues around filtering and sorting of the job listings, which after more research, seems like a common issue. Looking at Mixitup but it is a little bit more complicated than I was hoping. Will report back with progress :slight_smile:


Please do! If you need to add “instant” search functionality I recommend talking with Chris from As far as filtering goes… I’ve heard @jason_tinnin has some crazy awesome stuff in the works.

Re attribution: is that for your purposes or for them? If it’s for them, you could use a ?ref=“Your Website” parameter to track referrals.

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