Just checking - Is MemberStack still actively maintained?

Hey there :wave:

I’m a jack-of-all web-dev and UI designer, gone yoga and wellness coach, and starting the process of building an online yoga, wellness, and health coaching business.

I’m looking for a clean, easy-to-implement solution that can get me started as I explore this new avenue. Memberstack looks really solid and I’m just checking in to see if this software is still actively maintained with plans for future growth?

Thanks for your time, and great software!


Hi @seancorey

We sure are!

Please let us know if you have any questions :smile:

That’s great news, @belltyler. I’m excited to work with this platform!

All the best.


Just be aware that support is I’d say rather slow to get back to you in comparison to most other businesses, expect 24 hours or so for a reply which is frustrating when you need things sorted that are bugs and causing big issues with your business.