JWT Authentication or SSO

Hello Memberstack community,

I’ve been exploring the Memberstack APIs and Zappier integration for the past hour, but struggling to find information on the most important feature - how do you sync accounts with an existing user base, including authentication credentials? Can we use JWT or Auth0 or any other SSO provider?

Many thanks and cannot wait to get started!


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Hey Dan :wave: Welcome to the community!

So excited you want to use Memberstack :blush:

Unfortunately, we have more work to do before Memberstack is ready for you. We’re focused on perfecting member management, platform integrations, and expanding our dev team before we can dedicate time to JWT, Auth0, or another SSO provider. I so so so wish we had this now, but it’s out of scope for our current team. I can’t give exact ETA’s, but we hope to have something ready in the next year.

We want you to have the best experience possible with Memberstack, so you’ll hear from me when we can better support you. :pray:

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