Levelled Membership

Is it possible to create levelled memberships? Let’s say Basic and Premium. Could Premium members have access to Basic stuff? How would you do it?

Hey Marc :wave:

Great question. Here is an article on hiding content for members and non members. :smiley: Please let us know any specifics that you get stuck on and we can help you out and update the article for the future.

Hey @Josh-Lopez,

I understand. But that’s not a really secure thing to do right? Let’s say someone pays the Premium membership then takes the membership ID, he could cancel and still access stuff right?

Also, what if I want to hide a complete page and not just some elements?

It would be great to be able to give access to a /folder to multiple memberships.

Hello again,

If you wanted to hide pages you would use member only content. Here is an article about this as well :smiley:

Yes but could I give access to the same page to multiple memberships? @Josh-Lopez

yes, by enabling the member only content on multiple memberships. :smiley:

But it’s not possible to have the same folder on 2 memberships, no? For example, adding /client to 2 memberships?

Trying to find your account to take a look. What email did you use for your Memberstack account? :smiley: