"Liked" items won't persist upon reloading page

Using the Like and Save tutorial, I was able to get my bookmark functionality to work on this page. I can verify this in Memberstack by seeing the updated metadata.

However, when I reload the page, the saved bookmarks are not loaded. What’s odd is that if I click a bookmark for a class I had saved before reloading, nothing happens on the first click as if it had just been removed from my saved classes list. If I click a bookmark for a new class, it fills in and saves appropriately (until I reload).

Any ideas on how to fix this? It could have something to do with the Like Loader, but I have hit a bit of a wall debugging.

Here is the read-only link to my Webflow site in case that’s helpful.

figured it out! I was publishing the site without the “saved” class. Thus, the Like Loader was correctly NOT removing the saved class, but with no saved class to begin with, the icon was never able to be filled in.

It does make me wonder why the default is saved, and the Like Loader removes the saved icon from those that are not saved.

If anyone knows the reason for this, I’d be curious. Otherwise, until next time!

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