Limit in member amount + couple of other questions

Hi everyone!
Very excited to join this community :slight_smile:

We’re looking at implementing Memberstack to authenticate applicants for our program, and I was wondering if there is a limit to how many members can apply. The application carries no cost, so we don’t need to charge them, just authenticate them.
We’re already at 50K applicants so far, I don’t know how unlimited, unlimited really is.

A couple of other things that came up while testing Memberstack:

1- I wasn’t able to find an “email validation” feature for the sign up, is this on the roadmap?

2- I’m able to access screens inside the application process (should be exclusive for people who signed up, and the pages are included in the user folder) even when not logged in, am I doing something wrong?

Hope to get some answers, loving the software so far!
Nico from Microverse

Hey Nicolas,

A very big welcome to Memberstack🎉 Very happy to hear you’re loving it so far!

Currently, we know we can support thousands of members. Let us know if you’re looking to onboard more and are not sure if we can support that figure.

We don’t yet have automated email validation, this is something we have on our feature request map and are looking into introducing!

Hmm would you be able to run through the checkup list again? You shouldn’t be able to access screens inside the application process. If you could go through the checklist again and let me know!:grinning: