Link Social Media Account + Redirect after signup

Hi Memberstack!

I’ve got a question regarding social account linking. As far as I know, social login functionality is on the roadmap, but I am curious as to any ways for someone to link their account (ie. not authorize, simply “verify” that their account is theirs) to their profile? Ie. unique verification for each individual in the Memberstack CMS.

Another question is for the case where I’ve set up unique member pages, how can I redirect someone who signs up directly to their member page? I know this is possible after login, but is it possible after signup too? Right now, I have it set up so after signup, an individual is redirected to login, and then brought to their dashboard. But is it possible to skip the middle step and go straight to dash?

I’d appreciate any help or comments. Thanks!

Hey @Tyler,

Regarding social media account linking this also isn’t available to do yet but is on the roadmap. :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: [Feedback sent to roadmap]:triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post:

As for redirecting members who sign up, this isn’t possible to do yet but here is a workaround: Redirect after sign up you can then link your users to the exact page you want them to be directed to within the email.

Let me know if that would work or if you need any more help😀