LMS or E-learning Hub


Memberstack looks like a fantastic product.

We have recently moved all our client sites/project to Webflow, and have some upcoming projects that we’re hoping we could use Memberstack for - we just have a couple of questions:

These projects are both for e-learning or LMS portals

  1. Can Memberstack be used for creating an LMS platform so we can show learning modules to members, and then ask questions at the end of each one to track their progress?
  2. Could we display the user’s progress on their own dashboard, and also on a master dashboard for the client to see how their members are doing with the learning overall?
  3. Can Memberstack integrate with single-sign on systems?


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Hi Rob! Thanks for the kind words :smiley:

  1. Yes, but it will require Zapier or some front-end JS and our front-end API. https://help.memberstack.io/post/front-end-api
  2. You can display user’s progress with either of the above methods. You can create a client dashboard as well with aggregated data, but that’s going to require tools outside of Memberstack.
  3. Not yet :confused: