Lock My Profile fields - so visible but user cannot edit

Basically as above. Is it possible to show fields in My Profile but to have them locked.

Also, some of the fields are drop down menus in the sign up form to keep the data homogeneous for MailChimp tags and data analysis. Can a drop down button be replicated in the my profile section?


Hey Roocypher :wave:

Are you talking about the Memberstack modal or a custom profile page?

Hi Josh,

The modal at the moment.

Im doing some research and would I basically need to create a ‘my profile’ page based on this tutorial using the data attributes field? And then i assume make a my profile button just link to that page?

Would that be able to have drop down menus in it?

Thanks as ever.

Heya, so I watched this tutorial.

So Im creating a page with a form with the update attribute, and will hide fields in the form section in memberstack which should limit user ability to change within the module.

You are on the right track! Yes you would create a page with a form to update the users member profile. On this form you can create a dropdown field and treat it like the others. :smiley: