Login not working on staging

Anyone know why I might be having issues testing logins on the webflow.io (staging site)? When I try to log in I don’t get any error messages, I’m just kicked to the homepage without being logged in.

Logins are currently working on the live site, but I’ve been making changes on the staging and I’m hesitant to publish anything now!

Probably some browser security thing, but it’s Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Plus it always used to work. (mutters to self.)

Hey Aletta :wave:

Would you mind sharing your webflow staging site URL so we can take a look? :smiley:

Hey Josh. I would really rather not share it in a public forum

I realise this limits the amount of help I can get. Just wanted to know if there was some global change that had happened that might cause this.

I may just publish and see if it all falls over. If it does, then you can see it on the live site :slight_smile:

Update for anyone having this same problem:

You gotta use https when previewing your Webflow staging sites. Mine was going to http and login was failing.

Feeling a little bit silly but relieved it wasn’t something trickier :slight_smile:

Also thanks to Josh and Tyler for figuring it out :muscle:

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