Looking for a way to track remaining personal training sessions

I currently have a setup using Webflow, memberstack.io, Zapier, and Stripe. Everything right now including our invoicing and session tracking is done manually.
We have users purchase personal training sessions in a package of 5 sessions.

As a trainee, I want a way to purchase private training sessions and also see how many sessions I have left. Some clients buy more than one package at a time, so they can have more than 5 sessions at a given time.

The trainer currently keeps track of how many sessions their clients have on a Google Spreadsheet.

Is there a solution that allows for this type of functionality, where:

  1. User logs in to our site via memberstack.io
  2. Pays via Stripe
  3. Stripe increments their # of remaining sessions by +5
  4. User sees their # of remaining sessions increment on their profile page
  5. Number of remaining sessions decreases by 1 every time a trainer (who also has access to the site) logs a session?

Hey Randy,

Welcome to Memberstack🎉

Sounds like an exciting project you’re working on!

Memberstack is not built out-of-the-box for these types of features so will require some custom code or some clever hack-arounds using automation tools like Zapier.

We would love it if you could post on this forum if you manage to find any work-arounds😀

I did this same type of thing for another MemberStack customer a while back where he wanted to have people get recurring credits, but also buy more credits if they run out and need them prior to their normal renewal. In his case, it was “downloads” where each time they downloaded something it used a credit…etc etc. Not exactly the same thing here…there’s only one role.

In your case, it’s two different roles:
customer (same as above)

Ultimately, this is possible to do, but as @mollyfloyd24 mentioned, it will require some dev for sure. The good news is that you don’t have to build all of the pieces from scratch and you can use a low-code approach to do it. However, if you’re not a coder you’ll need some help.

Let me know if you want to chat.

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