Lost and found website

Hi all - trying to find out if Webflow and memberstack w/ Zapier is a viable option to build the following platform:

1 Users can sign up for a paid plan, and have their user profile with additional fields like country, age, etc.

2 Users can add items they own to a CMS Collection. Let’s say camera gear. They fill in Brand, Color, etc. etc.

3 Only the users that own that gear will be able to view those items, in a dashboard kinda thing. Here they can add/edit/delete those items.

4 A user can mark an item as ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’, and add a date and location (preferably an actual location field but I believe Webflow doesn’t support, so a Country (text field) would do

5 all ‘lost’ and ‘stolen’ items can be viewed on a public listing page by anyone, and they can get into contact with the respective owner. (preferably fill out a small form on how to get into contact with finder)

Up until now this is all the functionality I need for a MVP. I understand I’d have to connect forms with Zapier to e.g. Airtable to sync stuff up…

Not looking for specific how-to’s, but want to know if this would be possible without too many workarounds, or if the time still isn’t ripe and I need to build on another platform like Craft CMS…

Thanks in advanced for any tips, directions, examples, etc !!

Hi Niels :wave:

My gut reaction is this is out of scope for Memberstack. That said, I’m confident some version of this is possible with enough zaps, the Webflow CMS, and some careful planning.

That said, I’m curious what a solution with Craft CMS would look like? Do they have all the functionality you need?

Hi Duncan, thanks for your reply!

I’ve worked with Craft a lot but not yet for user profiles or ugc. There’s a plugin called ‘freeform’ which allows front-end forms to go directly in the database as entries. However it would require going back to coding manually again, and wouldn’t know yet how to implement the membership payment integration into that…