Lots of question about Memberstacks capabilities:


I’m very interested in using Memberstack for my Webflow site. I have a few questions that I need to know the answer to first, just so I’m certain of how I need to move forward.

This project is moving very quickly so would love your guidance as soon as possible.

First, context:
The membership is for career enlivenment/coaching. The content includes articles and video courses. Employees/Freelancers can buy it for themselves, but the main focus is getting employers to buy the membership for their employees.

  1. When an employer pays for it, they get a customised homepage; it includes their logo in a couple of places and an extra section for exclusive content.

So, first of all: How do I make sure that when members click the ‘Home’ button, that they’re taken to the correct homepage?

  1. Every article ends with a suggested article. Something that is currently manually selected through a reference field in the Webflow CMS. I want to include exclusive content as suggested articles, but can’t have the exclusive content for Employer 1 to be shown to the employees of Employer 2. Equally, those who have bought the membership for themselves can’t see any employer content. BUT all of the articles are uploaded as CMS, so their not individual pages. And having the articles as individual pages isn’t an option All that considered, is having Employer-Exclusive content as a suggested article possible or not? (I have a hunch that it’s not).

  2. Member intake takes place every quarter, new content is also released every quarter for existing members. Everyone starts from the beginning and works their way through in time. What is the easiest way to do this?

Would it be having a tier of membership for each quarter? Then upgrade members each quarter so they get their new content? Would their be a way to automate this so that everyone upgraded on a date of my choosing? Perhaps using Active Campaign and Zapier? Would love your thoughts on how to best do this in particular!

A slight twist to this is that they’re also special editions of content and one off courses, how do I make sure that they stay remembered when someone gets upgraded?

Also, considering my this question, it’s looking very likely that the suggested article at the end of an article will have to be from the same collection (So Quarter 1 articles only suggested Quarter 1 articles and exclusive content could ever be included as a suggested article).

  1. I would also LOVE people to be able to bookmark articles (I’ve seen Duncan do this with images). Will that be possible? And, small point, might we be able to see how times something bookmarked?

  2. I was thinking of having exercises for members to fill out after they’ve done a course, how could I include the notes they make during this exercise (which is essentially a contact form) in their member profile?

  3. Last of all, I know I can use data from the member profile to customise the text that’s on a page. Could I also pull out data from the member profile to use in code? (I want to create a countdown that’s counting down to a date that’s determined by the member).

I think that’s everything!

Thank you in advance! I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi @Merlyn_Jeffery :wave: thanks for reaching out over DM, you’re asking a lot here :grinning:the more you can clearly narrow down and articulate your questions, the better they’ll be answered, but… I’ll do my best to answer them for you. That all said, realize this is a lot of work that you’re setting yourself up for, but it’s all totally doable.

With MemberStack and Webflow, this should be super simple. Create an Employer CMS Collection and a Membership (in MemberStack) that mirrors this. You’ll be able to very simply direct each “employer member” to their own dashboard on signup/login.

How do I make sure that when members click the ‘Home’ button, that they’re taken to the correct homepage?

Under Power-ups --> Member-specific pages (set this up to use the following):

Totally possible, check out a screencast of mine that walks you through setting up MemberStack (with Webflow) and “tagging” each article. Once it’s tagged, it’s only displayed for a member that has this tag through a reference. This should work for your use-case (as I understand it):

If I’m understanding correctly, you’d just need to add your content in chronological order (by date) with a “visible” field. You’d have to go in and open up visibility (flip that field from false to true) throughout the quarter. You could do this automatically, but that’s much more involved and beyond the scope of this.

Yes, this is fairly easy.

  1. Create a “bookmark” CMS collection with a reference field to your “members” collection
  2. Use a native Webflow form (delete all the fields, just use the button) and allow members to click on your bookmark button
  3. Add a hidden field (via the Webflow embed element) with your MemberStack member ID
  4. Add another hidden field with your Article ID
  5. Capture the form submission trigger in Zapier
  6. Lookup your Webflow member ID in Airtable (from the hidden MemberStack member ID passed in)
  7. Create a live item in your Webflow bookmarks collection with your Webflow ID and Article ID

I walk through similar setup (but using comments instead) with another screencast of mine, you should be able to re-tool for your needs without issue:

Super simple, a Webflow “notes” cms collection with a reference to a member id in it. Follow the commenting system screencast linked above. It’ll be trivial to re-tool for this use-case.

You could take a peek at the MemberStack front-end API to see if it’ll meet your needs or not: https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3850012-front-end-api

If not, one of the tactics I always use is to have a “source of truth” for my data. Meaning, I’ll take whatever profile info is in MemberStack and put it into my Webflow cms so I can easily access it from Webflow elements. You’ll see this tactic used in some of my screencasts, dig around for examples (don’t recall which ones off hand) to see it implemented step-by-step.

Good luck!

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Hello @ChrisDrit

Thank you so much for such a thorough response! I’ve been going through your suggestions and videos today, they’re very helpful.

I’m getting Memberstack and Zapier set up this week, then all that’s left to do is try it myself. Wish me luck! I may drop you another message, if you don’t mind?

I’ll report back to this thread anyway, just in case anyone finds it helpful to know how I got on.

Again, thank you so much!


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