Lowering Membership Price


Is it possible to migrate existing members to a new membership at a lower price point? Or, do they have to perform this action themselves (I.e. change to new membership plan manually)?

We determined our price point was a little too high right now and would like to reduce the membership cost without creating additional steps for our existing members. If members are forced to make the change themselves, we run a higher risk of losing customers. If we can automate this somehow, it would be less impactful to user experience.

Please let me know if/how this can be achieved.



Hey Greg :wave:

Currently, we do not have a way to do this automatically. We know this is frustrating and are working on this. I am adding your feedback to our insight roadmap right now.

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Thanks Josh. It appears I might be able to achieve this through manually updating a customers subscription in Stripe. I have the option to remove an existing product and add a new product (lower price) that I created in Memberstack. I applied this subscription update to a test customer and the upcoming invoice in Stripe now reflects the product change I made. The only issue is that the user’s “current membership” in Memberstack still displays the old product (higher price). Do you know if this will update on Memberstack’s side to reflect the product change I made for that customer in Stripe? Perhaps there is a delay?

Appreciate your support.


Hey Greg :wave:.

I do not believe Memberstack will update.