Making additional fields during sign up required?


I have first name, last name, age and gender, alongside email and password on my sign up form. Is there a way to make all fields required, rather than just email and password?


Hey Jacques :wave:

All you have to do in webflow is mark the field as required in the left side panel. Here is an image for you to clarify. :smiley:

Hi Josh,

What if we’re using a pop-up modal (sign up form)? I can’t access the fields in Webflow to mark as required if it’s a modal.


Hey Dale :wave:

Good catch! I will add this to our feature request list! In the meantime, you would need to create a custom form to do this. :smiley:

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I’ve created a custom form in squarespace to accomplish this, but now some of the required forms are being ignored.