Manage User Profiles flow between MS, Webflow and Airtable

Hi everybody!
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I have a question that is acking my brain :smiley:

I’m currently building platform that connects designers with employers.

Each designer as a profile (webflow CMS item) and I would like them to have the freedom to edit the information on their profile without having to ping me. I saw several pieces of content mainly created by Duncan which show that this is possible, but I can’t make it work / don’t fully understand how it should work.

I guess, the questions would be:

  1. How would be the flow between Webflow, Memberstack and Zapier?
  2. Assuming that profiles are managed in Memberstack and these have images: is it necesarry to link those to the Memberstack database (I assume, yes) and if so, what would be the best way to do it?
  3. How do I create a “profile page” for users that pulls the current info for a collection item (in order for them to edit it if necesarry), considering that the Collection Pages Templates I’m already using for the front end?

Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated.
Happy to jump on a 15 minutes call with anyone that might be willing to help (THANK YOU IN ADVANCE) to show the pages and provide more clarification.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Great talking to you tonight Jay! :smiley:


Thank you Andy!!! Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:


Hi Andy and Jay,

I have this same exact question about “profile Page” for my webflow page. Anyway to connect with either of you to hear how to make it work?