Marketplace features

Hey guys,

I want to build a little B2b2c marketplace and I need several features for this project:

  • Companies should be able to create their own profiles. They should also be able to create the services they offer - with a price (which can be changed), information about the service, and so on.
  • Customers should have the opportunity to request and purchase these services.
  • There should be a function that allows companies to pause their profiles on my platform.
  • Something like payout function for the companies - I want to use for my payments and payout.

Is it possible to create such a platform with memberstack, webflow and some other tools? Is it also possible to integrate external services like Mollie with something like custom code?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Frank, I’m afraid this is out of scope for MemberStack. Would be amazing if we could do all of this one day, but we’re a long way off.

Happy Friday,

Duncan Hamra
Co-founder & Designer