Member Analytics

  1. Please build a way for me to see analytics of my members. Logins, pages visited

  2. This is important to me because I want to see who is engaging with the content. I use this as a sales training tool and it is important to see who is utilizing the information.

  3. My current workaround is nothing. Google analytics but that doesn’t help to know who is logging in and engaging with the content.

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Hi Kelly! Have you considered using a tool like Heap or Amplitude? They are crazy powerful, and you can pass member information to them from Memberstack.

@Kelly_Johnson I use Heap for this and it integrates very nicely with Memberstack. You will be able to see everything you mention, and more.

One thing I haven’t yet figured out though is how to take automated actions (e.g. send emails), but I guess this will require something like Segment to send the events…

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Hey @Alastair_Budge,

I’m thinking of implementing Heap.

However, I’ve not idea about how this platform works.

Is it complicated to set tup?
Have you done it by yourself?

If you’ve followed any specific ressources, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Kind regards,

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Thank you @DuncanHamra and @Alastair_Budge.
I have implemented Heap as you recommend. Super incredible analytics. Exactly what I need. Have either of you been able to associate name and email after an unknown visitor has filled out a form on your site?

Thanks for your initial responses.

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Sorry I missed this @Olivier_Pourquier.

Yes, I’ve implemented it. It’s very simple - the Memberstack docs are excellent and explain everything.


Ok great! Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m trying to track users when they login with heap and the code snippet supplied here:
I’m testing it by logging in to my website via the member stack login prompt but not seeing the associated email address show up in the Heap user analysis report - just the randomized user id automatically created. Eventually I’m going to want to add further fields from stripe etc. but just trying keep it simple to start with.

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