Member Dashboard - Payment Displayed

Hi! Is it possible to display information such as payment information and due dates from Memberstack to our site? Such as the image attached.

Hey Ivanska,

Unfortunately you wont be able to display this information on your site. You’ll need to use the Memberstack profile for that.


Like Molly said, the memberstack profile is the only “no-code” way to show that information.

That said, you can access that information through our JS hook. From there, you could use it to display to users. Code would be involved though.

MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
   var membership = member.membership // current membership
   membership.status // active, canceled, past_due, unpaid, trialing
   membership.current_period_end // unix timestamp
   membership.cancel_at_period_end // true or false
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