Member data in HTML embed

I’m trying to pull member data (a unique URL) into an iframe. Has anyone been able to do this or something similar?

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Hi James! Html embed, yes, but iframe I’m not so sure.

I can’t get this to work with the recommended solution. Has anyone else tried this?

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Hello James! Can you provide a loom video explaining the situation please? Just trying to understand everything fully. :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to insert a unique URL from a user’s memberstack profile into an HTML embed in Webflow. The URL is a dashboard for a marketing report. The URL should load as an iframe on the page.

For example:

Member: John
Url (in memberstack profile): [


Get the Webflow HTML Embed to show the member’s URL in their profile as an iframe

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I wonder if something like this would work? I haven’t tested it yet but makes sense in theory lol. The only problem i can think of of memberstack not allowing the iframe because it might think the user isnt logged in.

the memberstack code added to the header would be changed to:

	let membershipId;
	MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
		let email = member["email"];
		let name = member["first-name"];
		if (member.loggedIn) {
           // get the membership id to be used later
			membershipId =;

then on the page with the iframe this script would be added:

   window.onload = function(){
     if (typeof membershipId !== 'undefined' && membershipId) {
	    const root = location.protocol + '//' +;
        // uses membershipId from memberstack script
        const iFrameSource = root + "/" + membershipId ;
        const iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
        iframe.setAttribute("src", iFrameSource);

and on the page you would just add a div with an id of “report” like:

<div id="report"></div>

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I am trying to do something somewhat similar (I think anyway). I want to create a form field that automatically fills with a member’s email. Anyone please got any clue how to do this?