Member Duplication


I’m having an issue where 50% of the times I test sign up, the member is duplicated in Member Stack and in Webflow (same email but different member IDs). However, all the proper information that I specified in Zapier is only being passed through one of them.

Has anyone else experienced this before and how to may I debug this so only one instance of the member is created every time? Thanks in advance!

Might be worth sharing a screenshot of your Zap so we can see what’s going on. I’ve got a similar/the same setup and it works perfectly.

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Hey Chavez :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

I just tested this and I do not see duplicate members in Memberstack. Did you already get this fixed?

Hey guys. Been trying to recreate the problem and it just happened again but I don’t know why still. Attached images to show duplication and zap setup.


Webflow CMS:
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 1.45.33 PM

Google Sheets:

Zapier Setup:

Hey Chavez :wave:

Just looked at your code again. You seem to have Memberstack installed twice on the page. Keep the <script src="" data-memberstack-id="59eea7a0ce52e98acfaaafa0d60cbb7a"> </script> in the header and remove the one in the footer. :smiley:

Ahhh. I see. :man_facepalming:
I was trying to implement a password confirmation from fin sweet and I followed the tutorial blindly. Just removed it. Will keep testing and see if it happens again. Thanks @Josh-Lopez!!

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