Member groups / Purchase of single courses

Hey guys, your product looks great - I’m considering switching over but not sure if you can accommodate the function I need. (Wanting to integrate with Webflow)

We currently have a ‘Weebly’ site where customers purchase ‘Online Courses’ — videos which are on Member-only pages on our site.

This is achieved because Weebly has an in-built membership system, however the ‘Paid Members App’ integration is what takes the purchasing customer’s details and adds them to a ‘Member Group’ to allow that member access to the specific page which has our Vimeo embedd, which has security setting to only allow it to be embedded on that particular page.

So my question is… Can Memberstack be used to perform this same setup?

ie. Single one-off purchase = Create/update member to allow access to that product/content page

An added benefit would be the ability to then create personalised customer page where they can see all purchased products.

And how could you facilitate this? Would it be based on a ‘Webflow’ store purchase, or via Memberstack?


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PS We will in the future have dozens of products, so this is not a subscription or membership based access to our Online Courses. The idea is customers can buy a course and we just need a system to manage each customer to have access to any number of individual courses that they have purchased.

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Hey Cat, thank you for the kind words :blush:

And thanks for the detailed question - I can picture what you’re looking for.

I’m afraid Memberstack isn’t a great fit right now. We’re missing a few key features that I know you’ll need. For example, members can only have one membership at a time, meaning they wouldn’t be able to mix, match, and manage multiple online courses at once.

All that said, we want to support use cases like yours in the future! Hard to say when, but hopefully sooner than later :crossed_fingers:

Bummer, I will keep my eye on Memberstack for this feature. Is there a feature request I can follow for updates?

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Hey Cat (@cathughesxo) , I can literally help you do this now with MemberStack (and another no-code tool). The devil is in the details, so we’d need to have a chat so I can ask proper questions. However, I’ve already done this, albeit with a slightly different business model (not courses, but download credits). It required individual purchases of “credits” that merged into MemberStack to manage the usage of those credits while also renewing their credits each month via a membership.

For you, it’s a matter of fulfilling a purchase (or purchases) and recognizing that “access” in MemberStack OUTSIDE of the baseline membership show/hide features now.

The key is to segment the pieces of your business…let MemberStack handle the access and login but leverage other no-code tools to pull it together. This method provides a high degree of flexibility while still using all of the tools we love.

Are you up for a 30 minute chat to explore?


Thanks @jason_tinnin haven’t got time for chat but would love to see a break-down of the setup if you could post it?

If it can work Memberstack is currently my preference for integrating page-protection with Webflow!

Cheers, Cat

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Keep an eye our for weekly/monthly product announcements + I’ll send you an email when we’re ready for testing. :+1: Thanks Cat!

Hi Cat,

I posted the following response in a different thread, but figured I’d copy it here too.

I don’t think you want different membership levels in MemberStack to correspond to each purchased item a member has access to. That would be a huge headache.

What you’re looking for should be doable with MemberStack’s Client Dashboard Template + Webflow eCommerce plan + Zapier. If you’re unfamiliar with Zapier, it’s an automation tool that connects with most services, including Webflow and MemberStack. Think of it as the middleman that allows Webflow and MemberStack to talk to each other. Most MemberStack users use Zapier to automate actions on their website.

Here are some big-picture steps you might be able to play around with (although I could be way off):

  • Using Webflow eCommerce, you list all course (you’re selling courses, right?) as items for sale. You will sell your courses via Webflow eCommerce, and not MemberStack (BTW I have no idea how Webflow eCommerce works)
  • Create a “Courses” CMS database in Webflow. This is where the master list of your all available courses for sale will live. You’ll need to manually add all your courses to this database
  • Create a “Members” CMS database in Webflow. This is the master list of all your members. You will configure Zapier in one of the steps below so that when a new member joins, Zapier will “zap” that member into this database from MemberStack. You won’t manually add each member here.
  • In the “Members” CMS database above, create a multi-reference field called “Purchased Courses” which links to the above “Courses” CMS database. This field is where you would track which courses that particular member should have access to
  • New member joins via your website, and is added to MemberStack
  • Create a zap in Zapier, and configure it so that when new members join in MemberStack, that trigger will zap that new member into the above Webflow “Members” CMS database. There are MemberStack tutorials on how to do this
  • (This step I’m a little fuzzy about) When a member makes a purchase in Webflow, you want to add that new purchase into their “Purchased Courses” multi-reference field in their Webflow database. Perhaps you will need to do it manually if all else fails, but I think Zapier has a “New Webflow purchase” trigger that might work. Essentially you want to build a zap that, when a member makes a new purchase, it will trigger Zapier to update that member’s profile in the “Members” CMS database in Webflow. The action is called “Update Live Item” in Zapier, and you want to update the member’s “Purchased Courses” field to include that purchase they just made
  • Create a member-specific page (perhaps using the Client Dashboard Template Duncan built), add a CMS Collection List element into that page where you would like your members to see their purchased courses. Link that list to the “Courses” database. Now, any logged in member will be able to see a list of all of your courses
  • Using the “Filter” setting, filter that list to show only the courses that particular signed-in member has purchased (Duncan does something similar with client documents in the second half of Part 4 of his tutorials for the Member Dashboard Template). The result is a signed-in member will only see a list of courses they have purchased due to the filtering
  • Add a link block to each list item (course) and configure the link to take the user to that particular course. The result is a member will see a list of courses they bought, be able to click on any course in that list, and that will take them to another page where that course will be shown

You’ll still need to iron out a few details, but I hope these steps are enough to get you thinking in the right direction!


@alankemsley I’ve just tried setting some of this up it also requires the middle tier of Memberstack, so that’s double again, definitely not viable as we only do a few sales a month at this stage.

Thanks again, I’ll definitely keep looking out for a better solution.

So essentially we’d be going from our current (crappy Weebly) membership site and almost tripling the outlay per year.

Our site makes a lot of money from enquiry business but I need the digital sales to justify the ongoing cost as well.