Member ID for Zapier

Zapier seems to require a member ID to update the member. Where do I find this ID?

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Thanks. In zapier im not seeing the member ID. Im trying to send data from google sheets to a member. Where you got the “5dd” number, I’m not seeing anything in zapier. Sorry if I’m not making this clear!

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@jAMES, which version number do you see in Zapier, 1.1.0 or 1.2.0?

Also, would you mind sending over a short video or screenshot of the member ID field?

1.2.0. My setup in zapier is Google Sheets (new or updated row) > Memberstack (update member). My issue is that I’m not seeing any member ID in the dropdown. As a result, I’m not sure what the correct ID is for each member. Seeing the same thing with the 1.1.0 version too.

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Theory: have you created at least one member in MemberStack yet? You’ll need to do that to pull in test data when setting up the zap. Can you share a screenshot of this first step? Do you see a member ID there?