Member Notification Bar

Hi guys,

How do i create a notification bar for members?
Just like here in the Memberstack Forum:

I use Webflow and Memberstack for my Membership Site.

I want to create a CMS Collection and the items inside are some News, Updates… which should be shown as a new Notification.

If the user clicks on it, he would be send to a specific “Update/News Site”.
If he reach the side, the notificationcounter is set back to 0…

Is this possible?
Does anybody use something like this fancy feature :smiley:

Thanks for your help!

I’d really like to see this as well, but I think that it would depend on the tool that you’re using to create the site. If you’re using a static site generator on github pages, for example, it wouldn’t work as it would require some sort of script that would be incompatible with gh-pages. If you use wordpress and memberstack, you’d be able to use the wordpress api to send notifications to users.

I can see this being really useful for dashboards, but it’s not on the list of priorities for the devs at the moment.

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Hey Dome :wave:

Is this what you’re looking for? I am not a huge webflow guy so I can’t answer this off the top of my head but I did find this video for ya. :smiley:

Hey @Gizmotronn✌🏼

Thanks for your reply. I thought, this would be not easy to create…

Maybe i have to find another way. A bit easier😁

Hey @Josh-Lopez

Thanks for the video. I saw this in the last week. Its not 100% the feature i need. But similar. Maybe i can use this✌🏼


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