Member only pages issue


I’m setting up my first Webflow/Memberstack site and I’m running into an issue with creating a member only page section. It seems to work sometimes, but not others, and I cannot figure out why. Here is what I’ve done:

  • Created a membership tier
  • Within this tier I went to the ‘Members-only content’ section and added “members/” so that (such is my understanding) page that is in this folder will be restricted
  • Set this to “stars with”
  • Ensured the lock symbol is green and unlocked on this tier
  • Added the noscript code to the site header
  • I navigate to a page on the site after logging in that is “members/event”
  • I cannot access this page when logged in (or not logged in, for that matter)

Any advice would be appreciated, I’m on a bit of a deadline and I’m keen to get this resolved.



Hey Chris :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Would you mind sharing the URL you are working on? I searched our database for the email you are using here and didn’t find anything. If you do not want to share it publicly you can private message me as well. :grinning: