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Hello, I’m new with MemberStack. Have been searching in the forum for some answers about it, and couldn’t find them.

Also tried many ways to make it work, but all unsuccessful.

My question is: A member logs in, then is at their page. After that clicks a link to another page, and on that page I have a link for them to go back to their Member-page. The problem is, I can’t seem to find any specific action for that.
Please notice that this page is a general page, so the link should point to the member that is logged in.

I’ve tried the function on Power Up: ms-member-page=“default” , but I don’t know how this process works. I followed the tutorial, but it feels like something is missing because I don’t know where to put that attribute.

[EDIT]: I’m using Squarespace.

If you could help me, would mean a lot.

Thank you

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Hi Ivan :wave:, can you explain this a bit more? Or maybe share a quick video/screenshots?

It would help to know:

  1. How it works right now.
  2. How you want it to work.
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Hello Duncan, thanks for the reply.

I will try to explain in a more simple way. Sorry about my english :slight_smile:

  • A member logs in, it goes to their page, the one that it’s designated on their profile.

  • Next, on that page, they have a link to go to a different page. This page it’s a common page, that can be accessed by all members in general.

  • But on this page, I want to create a link that points directly to the member-page that is logged in. The one that it’s redirected when they log in in the first place.

Can you understand? Hope it helped.

Thank you

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Thanks so much for explaining! Your English is fantastic :slight_smile:

Hmmm… how soon do you need to launch your website? I can help you with a workaround, but what we really need is a way to add ms-member-page="default" as a link to a button. As of now, you’d have to add a button in an embed with the attribute. Which, isn’t possible in Squarespace.

Let me know, and I’ll see what we can do!