Member pages with tabs in webflow

Tried to help a community member link to his users dashboard with tabs from a product page. Could not get it to work because the links would be overridden as access denied page.

His user flow would be:

  1. User logs into the site
  2. User goes to the shop tab
  3. User clicks on a learn more button
  4. User is taken to a page outside the user dashboard like /product/productname
  5. User wants to go to a tab on the user dashboard like /dashboard/memberstackid?tab=guides

Right now that link to guides is being overridden as /access-denied

Here are the steps taken:

The dashboardwith a url of /dashboard/memberstackid in memberstack has a couple tabs in it “profile”, “shop”, and “guides” so i added this script to allow urls to link directly to a tab like /dashboard/memberstackid?tab=shop

this code works if you put in the url directly in the address bar but when the url is added to a button, the button’s href gets turned into /access-denied. I tried a bunch of different work around’s but none were successful.

I believe this could be a really good small feature to add