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Hi, I’m wanting to use both webflow and memberstack to develop my website. I need my members to be able to upload images in order to have copyright and after researching other results, apparently this is not an option with memberstack. Is there a way around this or is it likely to become a feature soon?

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Hi Del :wave:

Memberstack’s not great at managing images. It’s possible to use Zapier and a CMS to upload, display, and update images but it’s not cheap or super easy to setup. This isn’t in our 2020 roadmap, but we’ll continue to look for solid workarounds.

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Hey Del,

Just curious on what you ended up trying here. Both Webflow and Memberstack aren’t the ideal tool for this. I’m trying uploadcare right now, and it has it’s own issues too.

Hi Marcell,
as much as I didn’t want to, I had to move back to using Wordpress instead of webflow and memberstack. Sorry I couldn’t offer an alternative way to so with memberstack, hopefully this can be incorporated in the future.


Curious what kind of issues you’re bumping into? I too am using Uploadcare and have so far (minus the horrible pricing) liked it.

Ah! Shoot. Thanks Del. Was hoping for better news :upside_down_face: Chris, I’m currently trying to get images from uploadcare into a dynamic CMS from Zapier. Running into challenges. I’m not sure if the issue is with Memberstack or Webflow processing images as links from Uploadcare. Maybe, I’ll just go back to the image uploader in forms instead of uploadcare.

I’ve heard good things about Uploadcare, Memberstack, and Webflow, but struggling a bit to make it all play together nicely.

I’ve set all of this up to work and play nicely together (Webflow + MemberStack + Zapier + Uploadcare), so it’s 100% doable.

So MemberStack should not be touching any of this.

Funnily enough I’m in the middle of finishing up a screencast that walks through using Uploadcare with this stack, not done yet, but here is the example site that the screencast will build:

Go ahead and create an account (you can use a fake email address), upload an image, add some stuff to the form, and see how I’ve put it all together.

Is this a setup that would meet your needs?

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Oh sh*t! That’s good. Wait so you’re not using MS for photo storage? Second question is how are you storing the photo is it link based or image file based? I tried to connect the link from uploader to a link in webflow and it didn’t work.

I’ve been using this video for guidance, but seems like you’ve found a better way.

IE the reason I was looking to get the actual photo and store is because I can’t seem to pull in the image link via a link block from Uploadcare into a CMS on Webflow. So I guess I’m wondering if I can store the actual photo on Webflow from Uploacare.

Curious on where you’re storing the image, if it is an image or a link.

Don’t over complicate it :smiley:

Uploadcare returns the image url:

uploadcare.registerTab('preview', uploadcareTabEffects)
const widget = uploadcare.Widget('[role=uploadcare-uploader]')
widget.onUploadComplete(function(info) {
	const newUrl = `${info.cdnUrl}/-/preview/-/scale_crop/100x100/`

My script inserts what it returns into a hidden form field (“uploadedImage”). On Webflow form submission, that field (with the url) shows up in Zapier. “Create new CMS Item” from your zap with that url.


FWIW you can do almost everything except what I just described above if you follow my screencast here:

(it’s for a commenting system, but same thing, minus the image upload)

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Bravo! Ok going to give this a shot.

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Hey Chris,

I’ve got to a point where Zapier pulls in the Uploadcare photos into the dynamic CMS. Mission Achieved! I have hit a road block, I think a step in your third video, where you can filter the user in the CMS to show the user on the page. It appears that functionality has changed a bit in Webflow.

I’ve tried to create the = logic to indicate where Member ID similar to the way you did the user, but no luck. If the only issue my my current users won’t be able to see their profile picture until it’s actually posted that might have to do for now. :upside_down_face:


Can you tell me in more detail? Include some Webflow screenshots?

Is the only option I have. Perhaps because I’m managing my members in Memberstack and not Webflow. Although I tried this with some dummy data as a member and had the same result.

I wonder if Uploadcare allows you to show the image you just uploaded as a static element.

Are you using a Static Page or a CMS Collection Page for this?