Member Specific Dashboard Not Directed to After Login - Webflow / Zapier

My members are not being directed to their dashboard after sign up. Built on Webflow. The page just refreshes. I’ve added #/ms/member-page/default to the sign up area. The member specific link works by logging in and manually entering into the URL bar.

Here’s a link to my Zap also:

That’s controlled by this setting, which you don’t have setup:

MS allows you to automatically send members to their unique “members page” after sign in (as you’ve noticed) but not after sign up.

I handle that by adding an interstitial “Welcome” page to that setting. It’s job is to wait for the MS member to have their account fully setup, e.g. the member page set:

…and it then redirects the user to their unique member page :sunglasses:

I have a bunch of screencasts that show how to do this, as only one example, checkout this one at the 19 second mark on the timeline to see an example. After a visitor signs up they hit this interstitial page with a loading spinner:

There’s a bit of custom code that checks the MemberStack front end api for the “members page” value, when it’s populated, it redirect to it.

Here’s the custom code to make that happen:

var Webflow = Webflow || [];
Webflow.push(function() {
  MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
   	setTimeout(function() { location.reload(true); }, 3000);

Hi Chris thanks for the quick reply!

That makes sense for sure, if you see later in my Loom, I change that back so I think your custom code/redirect will help for sure. With just 1-2 zap steps it was working fine but when I needed to add more it stopped the redirect sadly.

Is there a way to avoid using another screen and just build that delay into the form screen itself?

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Yes there is, but it’s a lot more involved, requiring more custom code, and it’s a bit tricky. I alway opt for the interstitial page myself (it’s simple + straight forward) and all the users that have gone through it so far have never complained.

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That’s odd. Maybe you could talk about that a bit more. With the custom code I provided it doesn’t matter how many zaps you have or how long it takes, it’s built to “just work” :slightly_smiling_face:so I’d assume there is something else in the mix gumming it up.

Hi Chris,

Yeah it was actually populating and redirecting just fine with a minimal zap (see Mackenzie Child’s YT tutorial) to link the CMS with MS.

I have your redirect page working now, thanks so much for that!

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