Member-specific Page after signup

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Getting closer to what we’re looking to set up! Upon getting a new member in Memberstack, Webflow creates a Live Item and updates Memberstack with their own Member page.

How can we make it so people who sign up get redirected to their own member-specific page? Is this possible?

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This looks like something the “Member-specific pages” power-up would be good for! Here is an article going more in-depth :smile:

Hmm, I can get people to be redirected to their accounts upon login, but not signup. But we’ve figured it out with a “please wait” page that redirects users to their dashboard after it’s been created through all the zaps we have in place.

Is there a better way?

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I am glad you found a way to get it working! You are correct about giving zapier time to do its thing. The only other workaround I can think of would be to add some custom code that fires a timeout to redirect after someone clicks the signup submit button. :smile:

That’s a good solution too. Without needing a /please-wait page, right? It would just hang after creating an account until the page is created and proceed to it once it’s ready. Is that correct?

I used a solution by @ChrisDrit from the thread below and @Josh-Lopez’s solution would be a good addition:

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@vitaliyg I haven’t tried this as I always like using MemberStacks popup modal for signup/login (quick/easy/painless), but if instead you used a Webflow form and bound it with MemberStack, my assumption would be that you could use the same script I posted in that video. If you give it a try, would love to hear the results.

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@ChrisDrit Feel free to take it for a spin. Go to the link below and go through the signup process:

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@vitaliyg I hit an interstitial “welcome” screen during the process, did you not get this to work without it, via the form submit button click instead?

@ChrisDrit Oh sorry, misunderstood earlier. Haven’t attempted to do without the “please wait” page.

No worries, what you’ve got right now is looking good! If you do go that route, drop an update here :grinning: