Member Specific Pages for Multiple CMS Collections


I want to have member-specific pages for different types of users.

For example,
All have their own member-specific page BUT:
User 1 - CMS Template A Displayed
User 2 - CMS Template B Displayed
User 3 - CMS Template C Displayed

I saw in another forum post to have the different collections start with the same characters, but that did not work when I tried to assign my User to their member-specific page.

Any ideas on how to go about this?

That’s interesting. Why must you have different templates? You can’t have dynamic content, based upon the specific membership, populating 1 template?

That won’t work in my case because I want each type of user to have a different front-end experience. For example, one type of user sees a dashboard, but the other type sees a catalog of some sorts.

While I think what you’ve outlined is “technically” possible, it won’t be easy.

I’ll be curious if anyone else chimes with a simple solution.

That all said, I’d recommend having 1 dashboard for all types of members (it’s fairly easy to hide and show different components on the screen based upon membership type).

Then… if a RADICALLY different view is absolutely needed, you could simply direct that user type to a page only this membership can view (easy) versus attempting to dump them on unique pages after login.

What you’re asking for is not a common pattern.