Member-specific Pages: How to hide multiple folders/CMS Collections

I am trying to set up member-specific pages for my two types of members. These two member types are in two different CMS collections/folders. I understand that part of the process to set up member-specific pages is to hide the CMS collection/folder where my member pages are located. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to hide MORE THAN ONE folder.

Please tell me I am missing something and that this is not a missing feature in MemberStack.

Hi @alankemsley,

Can you setup your folder structure like this?


You would then set /specific-pages as your folder for the member specific pages feature.

@DuncanHamra do you know if webflow allows for this?

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Thanks @belltyler for your reply, but unfortunately Webflow CMS collections can only be in the root directory. (I’ve also posted in the Webflow forums asking them to allow CMS collections to be placed in a subdirectory :laughing: )

Currently, my workaround is to just NOT hide either of the folders (I left the URL blank). It seems to be working in my initial tests. I have been unable to access someone’s page while logged in to another account, which is good, but there must be a good reason for the option to hide the folder.

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Could you name your CMS collections starting with the same characters and use them to hide?

According to this post, Memberstack doesn’t really look for folders, but for the characters in the URL: More than one member specific pages

So if you name your collections:


You could tell Memberstack to hide anything which starts with specificpages-cms

Hope it helps!

That’s a good idea, thanks for your help. Currently I left it blank so it’s probably hiding my entire site, which I guess works as well.


UPDATE: Well, it turns out I wasn’t really thinking straight when I asked this question. There really isn’t a scenario where you would need to hide CMS collection pages using MemberStack, because Webflow CMS template pages are already set up so that users can only see their own page. :sweat_smile:

It’s important to understand that this statement is not true. Anyone can view a Webflow CMS template page, you just have to know the url path. There’s no authentication required for viewing it.

So if your path is /users/alankemsley (alankemsley being the slug stored within the CMS Collection in this case) if I know that, I can view it.

MemberStack allows you to layer on authentication on top of that path, so that you have to be the logged in user alankemsley in order to view the path /users/alankemsley otherwise you’re redirected to the Access Denied page.

Make sense?

I am trying to set up member-specific pages for my two types of members. These two member types are in two different CMS collections/folders.

I think this is where you’ve gone wrong, if I’m understanding correctly.

For this, let’s just stick with CMS Collections and ignore the term “folders” (folders in Webflow can and do mean something else - mixing the two confuses it).

You have two types of members, let’s call them basic and pro members.

Create only one CMS Collection named Members with a field that flags a member as either basic or pro. Then Webflow will allow you to filter on that field. So you can show specific content based on their membership level.

Right. What I meant was I was able to set up authentication without the need to hide both folders.

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Excellent! My misunderstanding :pray: