Member-Specific sections of the same page

we want to have only one page for all members (specific members with a profile slug and basic members) - the specific members we‘d like to show some more sections and button on the same member page.
Is there a way to do this?

We have active members and active members can apply for a coworking desk. Only the active members who are granted access (profile slug ; coworking) then see pricing details etc.

I want the page url to stay the same though for members with/without profile slug. only the content on this one page to change according to the members profile slug.

member page basic: normal members
member page basic + additional sections: members with profile slug A & B (different content according to their slug)

Hi Sarah!

What’s the profile slug for “normal” members? Is it just empty?

Also, is the profile slug field id “profile-slug” in memberstack?

Hi Tyler,

Yes the profile slug for “normal” members would just be empty.
The setting in memberstack are;

Within power-ups:
hide a folder or CMS collection: ourwebsite’sURL**/members/vncommunity/coworking/**
ms-member-page=default (which we added on our website)

In member’s profile for the coworking approved members: /resident

Members who are granted access will be given the slug /resident which then should allow them visibility on more information on their member’s page

Hi Team Memberstack,

I am looking for developers to solve our user specific membership problem (see above).
Also we used a template with ecommerce integration that we don’t use. We’d like somebody to look over all the pages and make sure we can disable the ecommerce function and make sure the website runs smoothly on all different screen sizes.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Sarah! We’ve put together a list of Memberstack freelancers to help support you with any design/dev needs as you shared above:

Hope that helps! :smile: