Member spesefic data/filter

Hello all, i need some help :stuck_out_tongue:
Am using webflow, memberstack, airtbale and zapier btw.
I have a form for lead generation where users enters this data: Name, email, phone, and zip code.
Then i want this data/lead to be sent to a leadportal where members(memberstack) can see the list of leads. But i only want the member to see the leads based on zip code.
So i want each member to have access to different zip code…
Example is that member1 has access to see zip code 1340 - 1353 and member to can see leads with zip code 1353-1360

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Hi Mads :wave:

I think this is possible… one quick question though.

Why do you need members to only view certain zip codes? My idea may or may not work depending on your answer.

The reason is that I don’t won’t the other users to see/steal the lead from users that has the majority or lives in the area.

Let me explain this easier, user are installers, each different installer has the right over a rage of zip codes.


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May i hear your idea Duncan ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Mads, I’m afraid my idea won’t work then :disappointed:

I’ll let you know if we come up with another solution. Are you still looking?