Member stats available?


What stats does Memberstack provide?

Can I see how many times or when last a specific user logged in? IP address?


Is there a document showing the full list of information that I can see for my members?

Hey Pierre :wave:

Currently, the only info you get out of the box is through our export of members. Here is an article on that. You can also get information from stripe. Here is an article on that also. :smiley:

With custom code you could keep track of things like last login and IP address. This would use our front-end API. A short answer would be to add a custom field within the memberstack dashboard and then add hidden fields to your login that captures the information you need.

Thanks Josh

Is this a feature you don’t think is a priority right now, or one that you don’t ever foresee wanting to add to the product?

I ask because my understanding is that it’s a feature that comes out-of-the-box with some of the other membership tools.

Many thanks

Hello again,

To be honest, we are still trying to find the right data to collect and show in our app.Whenever we talk about this we try and ask “What information would you be looking for and why?”. Would you be willing to share your reasoning why this feature would be good and what business problems it can help? :smiley:

Hi Josh

It will allow us to see which members are actively engaging and using the site.

Total number of logins and last log in date would provide useful feedback and allow us to engage more specifically with certain users.

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