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I have a platform that helps companies with talent - I’ve already built this using Memberstack, Webflow and Airtable (

I would like them to also be able to chat with each other instead of having to connect them on mail. Is this possible?

Some extra context, this chat also needs to satisfy certain rules:

  • Companies shouldn’t be able to chat with companies
  • Developers shouldn’t be able to chat with developers
  • Companies need to “unlock” a developer to chat with them (some webflow/airtable logic - I could add a unlock Yes/No to Memberstack also).

I already saw these links: link 1, link2.

Also saw this update by Duncan:

So can this be done through Circle? Some direction and documentation would be great!

Hey Karthik :wave:

This would be a great project to add to our Find an Expert form! Our freelancers should be able to get you on the right path! :grinning:

Thanks Josh. Would appreciate if you can guide with some direction at least. Not asking a step by step process here. “Hire an expert” is just too easy an answer.

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Hi @Karthik_Sridharan,

Just off the top of my head, as a Circle user, I do not think Circle will work for your use case assuming I am understanding your use case correctly.

Based on what I am reading, and if I were in your shoes, I would look at the various support chat programs and see whether you could implement with Zapier some kind of automation to make the matches.

Edit: another option that came to mind is how a lot of AI chat apps give you a way to automate user flow to put them in contact with the right group. You might even be able to bypass Zapier (which would help the bottom line)

Hope this helps

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for writing in - this sounds very interesting.

I’m looking for member to member chat
functionality (not a user to me). I don’t think it would be possible through a support char offering. Maybe I’m not understanding your solution correctly. Which support char are you think of, for example?

I thought of circle because of this update by @DuncanHamra:

Would love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

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