Members are being charged and extra amount

So my client has now his membership website running for a month and he received some messages saying that some of his members were being charged some random extra values like 0,62€ or 0,83€ for example.

My question is, besides the value charged by the subscription plan, there is any other hidden charge to members?

I’m sending above, what i’m seeing in the receipt of a weekly subscription that was renewed at the 4th of August until the 10th

Has you can see, there is two payments Items. The ‘Lives Semanal’ of 5.99€ and there’s another one saying ‘Unused time on Lives Semanal after 04 Aug 2020’ and then the Amount due of 0.62€ which is charged to the costumer.

So actually, my costumer was charged 5.99€ + 0.62€ why is that?

@Josh-Lopez and @naitik any idea what’s happening here?

there is no hidden charges that I can think of. Adding this as a bug right now. :grinning:

Thanks for your reply @Josh-Lopez . So do you have any idea of what this that second description (Unused time on Lives Semanal after 04 Aug 2020) on the invoice img i send attached above that subtracts 5.99€-5.37€ which equals 0.62€ that memberstack charged to the user?

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Got word from the team. Whats happening is the membership is getting prorated. Let’s say each week costs $7.
Signup on Monday, change plan on Tuesday. They will only get charged $1 for the upgrade since they have $6 in unused credit. I’m 90% sure they are getting undercharged, and not overcharged. :slight_smile:

Ok @Josh-Lopez thanks a lot. i will double check with my client to see if he was undercharged or overcharged

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Hello there @Josh-Lopez

I’m reaching out because the users of my ( are having more problems that maybe someone came before with the same problems.

So the website was launched on the 1st of July and until now he had problems with 9 people. So here are the 3 problems my client is having:

A) 2 people were charged two times the monthly subscription on the same month. Is this normal to happen? Is there any use case for this? On the example below, the user was charged on the 05th of august and 07th of August.

B) 4 people were charged smaller amounts (less then 1€) and it show up in the invoice something like ‘Unused time on PLAN NAME after DAY MONTH YEAR’. What does this mean? What does this mean? On the example below, the user was charged 0.62€ without any reason I think

C) 3 people when the automatically monthly/weekly renew happened, memeberstack changed their plan from ‘PAYED plan’ to the ‘FREE Plan’ loosing access to the exclusive content of the website although the client card was charged the amount of the Payed plan. Have any idea why is this happening? On the example below, the monthly subscription was renewed on the 06th of august but the user it’s marked with the FREE plan

Please I’m waiting for your feedback since this is causing a bit of a trouble to my client. I would appreciate your feedback a lot.

Also, is there any contact number I can call to memberstack technical team? Just because we could solve this much much faster by doing a 10min call!

Sent a private message with my calendar link :smiley:

Hi @Josh-Lopez

I spoke to you via zoom a week ago regarding this matter. I am having the same issues with other members now. I haven’t received any email from you guys, and i can’t keep on with these problems… can you please come back to me asap with an update?

Thank you

Hi @Josh-Lopez

I am still waiting for a response. Meanwhile I’ve had another issue, which I have sent above: one of my members was charged ahead of time for his weekly membership, the first one was paid from the 24th until the 31st. The second one was charged on the 29th.

I really need for you to get back to me with urgency because most of my members are renewing on the 5th of September.

Thank you