Members do not have to provide account credentials again when accessing Circle community with SSO enabled

  1. Please build something that lets me…

… maintain the same session cookie when a member who is already logged into his or her Memberstack account on my website goes to a Circle community with Memberstack SSO and does not have to log in with his or her Memberstack account again on a login page. Memberstack should realize that the user is already logged in through the shared session cookie from my website and not ask for the users email and password again to log into the Circle community.

Ideal use case: a user comes to my website, logs into his or her Memberstack account, clicks on the Community link, and is redirected without having to enter Memberstack email/pass again on the api Login page to the community.

  1. This is important to me because…

… SSO between Circle and my website allows for members to log in on my website and then seamlessly transition to my white-label community without having to log in again. One of the main reasons I am using Memberstack is that it provides SSO with Circle. Also, having to sign in twice increases user friction which has the risk of reducing member retention.

  1. My current workaround is…

… telling my members that they just need to use their existing memberstack credentials that they already used to sign into my website and view member only content.

Hey Andrew :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Could you tell us a little more on how you are using circle please? Are you embedding in an iframe?

Hi Josh,

Thank you for the kind welcome.

Right now I am using Circle as a white-label private community as one benefit of my membership plan.

A paying member comes to my site and logs in through Memberstack (which always works great!) and sees previously hidden content: member-only blog posts and a link to the member community hosted on Circle.

When the user clicks on the hyperlink to the community from my website, the user is taken to the Memberstack api subdomain page with a login window and asked to log in again with the user’s Memberstack credentials.

I am not embedding Circle in an iframe at the moment (no plans in the future at least right now).

Hey Andrew :wave:

The reason this is happening is because the user is leaving your site. I believe if you added as an embed on a page of your site users would not have to login again.

Hi Josh,

I added as an embed on my website and I still have to log in twice.

When I log in on my site through Memberstack, the embed still asks me to log in again even though I just signed in on my site.

I tried logging out completely, and logging back in, and the issue still remains.

Hey Andrew :wave:

I was wrong. Just talked to our dev team and they are working on this. Don’t have an ETA on this yet.

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Thanks so much for letting me know, @Josh-Lopez. I really appreciate the update!

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Hi @Josh-Lopez, I am wondering whether the dev team has an ETA on this yet? We are still experiencing the issue.

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Hey Andrew :wave:

I spoke to Tyler and the problem is that the circle login occurs on our own domain and in order to get auto logins to work the login needs to occur on your domain so we can use the session there. We are currently focused on other blockers right now but will get to this as soon as possible. :smiley:


Hi, has there been any update on this?

I’m currently having the same issue as Andrew. After a user signs up/logs in using the Memberstack modal on our site and they navigate to a page with a Circle embed, there is still a login prompt in the Circle embed.

The single sign-on feature is a big part of why we went with Memberstack and Circle, so if there is any way to fix this ASAP we’d greatly appreciate it!

For reference, we have Memberstack/Circle SSO enabled on our Memberstack and Circle accounts and our site is created on Webflow.

Here’s a video of the issue:

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I’m also having problems with the Circle <> Memberstack SSO integration. It was working well for a while but recently I now have two people saying they can’t get into the Circle community from the member dashboard (Memberstack). They keep getting “incorrect username and password” and updating their password doesn’t fix it.

Hi Memberstack team - it is very important you work with the Circle team to get this fixed. The whole point of SSO is to avoid this and provide less friction and a great user experience. Despite loving your product i am right now even considering to move to Memberspace just because of this…

Adding an additional voice to this issue.
I’m right with @Joseph_Huynh that SSO feature is why I’ve invested my time with getting Memberstack and up and running.

I think it’d be extremely beneficial to many members to give us an ETA, even if it is broad.