Membership A to go to CMS Collection "x" / Membership B to go CMS Collection "Y"

I have successfully created a member’s only dashboard on Webflow CMS using MemberStack and Zapier that creates a unique page for each member.

My challenge is now: I want to create another dashboard (CMS Collection) for “Partners” (different than Members). I can’t figure how to input “/partners” into the Memberstack Power-ups section (where the /members" details are.

I want Partners to be store in Partners CMS, and Members to be stored in Members CMS, since they are separate accounts.

To sum up, I want User A to go to CMS Collection “X”, and User B to go CMS Collection “Y”. Partner and Member have separate signup forms.

I’m sure some of you have successfully accomplished this? Thanks for you help and guidance!

Here is an image, hopefully helps clarify.

So if i’m understanding correctly, you have /members already stored in Power-ups --> Power-ups --> Member-specific pages --> Hide a folder or CMS collection


If so, you’re saying that members Member page field, for each member listed within your MemberStack account, is prepended with /members.


And if that’s correct, then are you asking how can you now hide /partners (via the Member-specific pages) and have those Partners redirect to their /partner dashboard on login.

Basically, you want two dashboards, one for each membership type, you want both dashboards hidden, and you want to redirect each of those users to the correct dashboard, based upon their membership, on login.

Am I understanding this correctly?


@ChrisDrit , that is exactly correct.

Excellent! So while this is 100% possible with Webflow + MemberStack + Zapier, it’ll be a bit tricky.

For dashboard #1: You’d set that up just like any other dashboard using this stack. That should be straight forward. This is my recommended setup.

For dashboard #2: You’ll need to take a different approach since MemberStack only allows 1 User-specific page.

My suggestion would be to hide all of the content for dashboard #2 (via hidden content in your MemberStack memberships), and determine which dashboard to redirect the user to (after login/signup) with a small bit of custom Javascript. I can imagine you’d either query the MemberStack front-end api to know which type it is (you may have to save that yourself) or use a “pass through” variable, e.g. a hidden form element submitted with login/signup to help that bit of custom Javascript know where to redirect.

Make sense?

Hey @ChrisDrit yeah I think it makes sense on first pass! I’ll give it a spin and reach out if any questions. Thanks as usual, you’ve saved me a few times!

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Hey @ian1,

How did you get on with this? I am trying to do the same thing.

Hi @frazermcleod @ian1, did either of you figure out a solution for the js needed for the redirect? I also need this functionality for my site!

Has everyone tried this yet?

 MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {   
   switch ( {
     case 'Basic':
     case 'Pro':

Worked perfectly. I made a placeholder page “Dashboard” that uses this script for my 2 membership types and their collection pages in WF.

<script>MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {   
var memberId =;
switch ( {
  case 'Member':
    window.location.assign("/members/" + memberId);
  case 'Organization':
    window.location.assign("/organizations/" + memberId);
}  }); </script>
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@frazermcleod sorry I only am just now seeing this, I didn’t receive the notification. I never figured it out.

glad you figured this out, are you displaying different CMS collections for different users? This is where I’m continually running into problems.