Membership at checkout

Hi everyone!

I basically have an e-commerce store selling physical goods on Webflow.

I’m looking to create an option at checkout where the user can subscribe to our membership program before placing their order. Has anyone successfully done this/know how to do it?

I don’t want the user to go to a separate page to create their account, I would like for Memberstack to collect the data they entered for their order and create their account from that.

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Hi Zach, great question and happy New Year!

This may be possible now via Zapier… You’ll need to add some logic between the Webflow purchase and MemberStack. I’ve never setup a Zap like this myself, but I’m 90% sure it’s possible.

Random thought: I would give users a chance to login before they get to the checkout page, and then make sure to hide the checkbox if a user is already logged in. I imagine that could prevent some problems during repeat purchases.

Thanks, Duncan. And yeah good idea. I didn’t think of repeat purchases.

I’ll double-check on the Zap but I couldn’t find a way to define it so it only makes the user an account if they check the box, may have to wait for a Webflow update for that.

I think I found a solution using Foxycart though :crossed_fingers:

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Hi there! Looking to use Memberstack and this is the exact type of implementation I’m hoping to do too! did you have any luck doing this?

It’d be amazing if they could use the webflow checkout form to sign up for memberships too!