Membership being created despite payment failing

Has anyone had the issue of a user in a (paid) membership being able to sign up and memberstack creating a member despite the payment failing? I’ve raised this with MS a few times but never got a solid answer.

From what I can see, memberstack creates the subscription before Stripe successfully processes the payment, so there is the notification of a membership being successfully being created (both on the user side and on my side) despite the payment failing.

Evidently, this is a big issue for the user and for me, but I haven’t found a satisfactory way of solving it.

What were the answers given?

No real answer given tbh. Bug raised a few times, team is looking into it…

Haven’t actually tried this, just thinking off the top of my head for a temporary solution until it’s fixed, but…

I’m wondering if the payment fails, is that accurately reflected in the status field of the Membership? It looks like those values can be any one of:

trialing| active| expired | past_due| canceled unpaid | incomplete| incomplete_expired

If that’s true, I assume you could work around this by having a Zapier/Integromat trigger on a new member signup, and then check the membership object via the MS backend API:

  1. If the membership is found
  2. Verify that the status is active (or whatever)
  3. If not, delete the membership

I think this works even if the user get’s a valid log-in session on the website UI as deleting a member should also blow away their session (and log them out of the website UI).

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Thanks @ChrisDrit - appreciate the workaround! I think I’m going to wait to get confirmation of what’s actually going on / how it can be fixed. Should be a simple thing I hope…