Membership for Online Gym Coaching

Hey guys!

I am creating a webflow site for a personal trainer who wants to coach clients online. I want to connect this to memberstack, so the client can sign up, pay the subscription fee, submit their details (age, weight wtc) and then once the personal trainer creates a workout routune for that specific client, it appears in their profile page so only they can see it.

How would I go about doing this?


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Hi Ashley! This is a fantastic question, but a hard one to answer in full detail. I’ll do my best here, but you may need to ask some follow up questions as you’re building.

  1. MemberStack can handle the subscriptions, signup, and details, but you’re going to need to tie in Zapier for notifications. For example, you may want to send your client an email when a new user signups and or updates their profile. At which point they could go into the website to add the workout plan.

  2. The easiest way to assign the workout plan to the user is to create a specific page for that user. We have a feature that should help.

Another thought… there might actually be an easier way for your client to get their customers a workout plan. It’s possible to use MemberStack for that, but it might be more simple to just use MemberStack for the generic membership content and payment processing. Your client could email, text, or link to each client’s unique workout plan in some other way. Just a thought.

I’m exited to hear what you think! Thanks again for posting :smiley: