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I am creating an online school in Webflow for a client and they want people to be able to pay for a class early. I already have ecommerce setup in the site and they can currently pay through Stripe and PayPal for the class. Here is where they can pay early for classes:

Eventually I will be adding Memberstack to the site for gated class content, memberships and login.

My question is: if the user pays for a class on the current Webflow site WITHOUT a Memberstack integration can those payments be transferred to Memberstack dashboard once I add Memberstack integration to the site?

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Great question. We currently do not have a way to add these pre-purchases to our system. This is great insight on a use case though. I am adding this to our insight list for future feature releases. :smiley:

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Thanks @Josh-Lopez .

So, does that mean the user who pays early can not have access to the gated content later down the line when I add Memberstack? Or is there still a way to allow them into that gated content if they pay early without Memberstack payments?

Surely there’s a way for me to manually add a user without them having to pay again?


We currently do not have the ability to import paying members. We have a free members import but we still have the paid members import on the roadmap.

Ok, thanks.

So, is it possible to later add the members who buy a class early as free members which will allow them access to specific gated content once I add Memberstack?


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yes you can do this. Here are some directions on how :smiley:

Perfect! Thank you :slight_smile:

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