Membership Renewal Modal / Downgrade Plan

Hey guys,

I want to automatically downgrade members to a single free plan (default) after their membership expires.

This way members can continue to login to their account (on a free plan) and decide what/how to upgrade their membership (after a paid plan). Right now the default behavior is to instantly launch a “Renew Membership” modal EVERYWHERE on the site for the same membership they had before. What if they want to change their membership to a lower or higher tier—not just the same one? Considering memberships are only part of the site, I really don’t want this to show up instantly and everywhere, since it obstructs everything else.

I looked into your Zapier integration, but it doesn’t look like I can set a member’s membership to the free plan after cancellation.

I found a forum post where Duncan suggested “fallback memberships” but didn’t explain what/how:

Here’s another suggesting there could be a solution with some custom code:

I’m open to custom code. Any suggestions?


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I’m also very interested to see how others are dealing with this.