Membership waiver form?

I’m surprised that I could not find a simple answer to this already here in the forum. I am building a site for a personal trainer and they need to have a waiver and a photo release signed on file for anyone who is booking any type of appointment with them. It makes sense to me to just have everyone fill out the waiver on account creation; no one can do anything without a waiver. It’s a longer form with a bunch of legal language so perhaps a bit much for building it as a multi-step signup form in Memberstack. What I had in mind was more of a “click here to sign the waiver” that sends them to Typeform or something like that. then I suppose I need Zapier to update their membership account when they sign the waiver, which would mark the membership as complete and allow them to schedule appointments via Acuity or Calendly. Without filling out the waiver, no appointments.

Is that the best / simplest way to handle something like this?

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Hey :wave: for anyone stumbling across this post from @Jason_Cox I provided some thoughts & details about how I’d approaching fixing it. Hope it helps!