Membership with 2 types of members

I have a client that wants to create a Membership site so the members can log in and see offers that Providers have entered. So that means that there needs to be a Provider Login that is then searchable by the members. Is that clear? There will be several providers: Insurance, Credit Card, Grocery, etc. and they upload their details on the site. They are charged a fee (approx: $20 a month). The Members login and are also charged a fee ($10 a month) but they have the ability to search everything the providers upload.

Can we do this with this program?

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Hey Kelly! Sorry for the slow reply.

It’s possible, but not exactly what Memberstack is meant for. I’m worried you may run into a few dead ends. That said, I’ll make sure we continue to consider more advanced use cases as we grow!

I just added your Q to our product roadmap :+1:

Hey @kellywsmith, as Duncan mentioned, this is possible to be done for sure but will require some dev help and thinking through the process. I’m doing something quite similar with another MemberStack user. This assumes you’re using Webflow as the base for your site with CMS collections enabled.

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