Memberships for Offline Payer's

What would be the best way to handle customers that would be making a payment outside of the MemberStack checkout process? Occasionally we will have a customer that has to pay via ACH or a hard-copy check. Ideas? :face_with_monocle:

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If the goal is to give them account access, I recommend creating another membership that grants access but doesn’t require a payment. You’ll need to place an upgrade button on a password protected page that only you can access. This is not ideal, but the best workaround I can think of right now :grimacing:

The question gives me a few ideas for how I would like this to work in the future. But I want to offer the question to you too. In a perfect world, how would you like this to work?

Thanks for the reply @DuncanHamra! I’ll definitely consider the idea of having another membership that grants “free access” but I guess I would have to recreate one for each level we have right now. So it would be a set of “paid offline” memberships to match the paid online versions.

My original thought was to use a coupon code that I would provide to the customer for them to use during their online sign-up/account creation after they had successfully paid offline. But I didn’t like the idea of it saying “free” in their profile.

Ideally we would be able to manually create a new member and assign them any of the existing memberships without having to associate them with the Stripe plan or any other payment gateway subscription. This is how it works today in Clickfunnels which is what we’ve been using the past three years. We can add the membership privileges to them without their being any subscription created in Stripe.

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This should be as simple as creating two plans for each tier. “Premium” plan might be $50/month in MemberStack and “Premium (Pay Offline)” plan would be $0 in MemberStack (although you still would display $50 on the signup page). The only thing you would need to do is make sure that the “Premium (Pay Offline)” plan has access to “Premium” plan features in the MemberStack dashboard. This way, there is no need for any changes to your code or any need for an upgrade button as Duncan suggested.

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Exactly what @Scott said! That option will be even better once we create a simple way to change a user’s membership from the dashboard. :crossed_fingers:

I like the coupon idea too. That’s probably the most simple way to handle this right now.